These professional services are designed to meet the educational needs of individuals, families, health care workers / volunteers, and communities. 

Our purpose is to encourage conversations so that goals of care are expressed and respected and to affect change in the pervasive cultural immaturity around aging, illness and death.

Let’s move the needle toward acceptance of death and dying as the RITE OF PASSAGE it truly is.

Let’s learn to fully embrace lives of meaning and joy despite living and aging with imperfect health!

“Embracing the Inevitable” (One Hour Presentation)

An overview of the process of Advance Care Planning (ACP) which entails planning now for future health care decisions to empower those who matter most to speak for you in the event you are not able. The presentation also touches upon topics such as understanding all your choices – palliative care, hospice, how the MOLST can guide medical care, and more. The presenter will share personal and professional experiences to illustrate the importance of planning in advance for your personal, emotional and spiritual needs as well as your goals for medical care.

(This overview lays the groundwork for (*) individual private sessions with the Certified Advance Care Planning Facilitator and for (**) more detailed workshops.)

*Private One-on-One Sessions (by appointment only - one hour)

Guided by an Advance Care Planning Facilitator, individuals will discuss their healthcare goals, learn how to appoint a health care agent, and clarify any questions they may have about the process of completing their advance directive documents (i.e. living will, MA health care proxy form). Individuals are invited to bring their health care agent to the meeting.


• How to start the “conversation” with your loved ones: Using nationally recognized The Conversation Project starter kit to explore, reflect and dig a little deeper into what you value the most, you will prepare to share your wishes with your loved ones before a medical crisis occurs.

How to create a living will to encourage these important conversations: Write a letter or complete the “Five Wishes” as a gift to your loved ones, in case you are unable to make decisions or communicate your goals in the future.

• How to choose a health care agent and how to be a health care agent: Learn some useful relevant definitions, use The Conversation Project guide to discover the importance of knowing when to choose, decide who you should choose and how to prepare them for the role of authorized health care agent.

How to talk to your doctor: Remove the guesswork when the time comes by talking about it now. Using The Conversation Project guide - develop strategies to effectively communicate what matters to you the most and to ask the right questions.

• Understanding all your choices (including palliative care and hospice): Discover what the terms “standard of care” and “informed consent” mean in easy- to- understand language, as well as the difference between palliative care and hospice care.

How the MOLST is used to guide care: Learn how “Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment” can guide what care you will and won’t receive based upon the shared decision-making process between you and your doctor.

How decluttering can create space for “more” life: Enjoy your favorite things by only owning your favorite things. Define what clutter means to you and create a plan to remove it, as a gift to your loved ones. Make room for the possibilities! 

  • "This Is How People Die": Training for staff and volunteers - a practical guide for working with patients and families facing end of life issues. 

  • "NEW RULES for End of Life Care": Guidance and information that will help you turn your loved one's final challenge into a meaningful experience and sacred memory. 

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